Top considerations before drying wood in a log drying kiln

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Want to dry wood in a log drying kiln?

Yes, you may prefer that. Because, drying wood at home is a hefty job, indeed. Also, it takes time and effort. But it is not possible for everyone to invest effort and time. So, they prefer drying kilns.

But remember, not all the drying kiln is suitable for all types of wood. There are specific considerations. You need to follow the considerations before drying wood in the kilns. In this post, you will get some brief ideas about the matter.

So, let’s start exploring.

Check the kiln capacity

Before asking them to dry your wood, you need to know their capacity. Usually, a typical wood drying kiln has more than a thousand board foot capacity. As they dry a large amount of wood, they need a large space. Also, it points that you can add your wood to the list.

Heating range

Also, you must check the heating range. Generally, a wood drying kiln has a range up to 190 degrees F. However, the heat range is not always applicable. The range comes into effect in several stages. If the heat is too excessive in the beginning, it may damage the wood. Besides, there should be a humidity control system as well inside the kiln.

Automated or manual process?

You know, the manual heating process may cause damage to the wood. It is not possible to set the temperature manually, all the time. And humans can make errors, too. But when the system is automated, you are free of worries. The automatic system monitors the condition inside the kiln. There are modern tools and equipment to monitor the processing condition.

Supplemental heat

At times, the heating chamber is unable to provide the necessary heating to the wood. Then, the woods need some additional heat. And the heat should be relatively lower. Otherwise, the wood may develop a crack. And lose the performance capacity. Solar heat could be an effective solution. Please check if the kiln has the provision. Electric heat can also be of help.




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