Is it Necessary to Put a Fingerpost on The Road?

Photo by Sangga Rima Roman Selia on Unsplash

When we walk in a road, we often see finger posts. In finger posts there are many directions and signs. By this a person who is confused with the road gets a clear idea and gets assurance that the person is on the right direction towards the destination. But is it necessary to have finger posts on the road? Let’s have an idea about this.

A finger posts can also be said referred as guide post. It simply provides accurate direction by its arms to the persons who are especially new to the area or road such as travellers. It provides directions to the travellers by the arrow signs. By that a traveller gets benefited to its aftermath journey. It is also used in the beginning of footpath, bridle way or public path.

This is a traditional way of getting ideas of directions as the finger posts are being used from ages and it is also compulsory to have fingerposts on roads in some areas. It does come in varieties of designs and structure but it is often seen in wood structures in European countries. Even people often put many dark colours in the fingerposts to make it look attractive and easily get attention

If a finger post is not present in a road, then there can be many problems such as a person can easily get distracted and can even get lost on the midway. There are many directions in a road, if a fingerpost is not there then a person can get confused escapable if this is an isolated area where there is less human than there can also be danger. Also, a traveller who is new to the places will come across many difficulties with the direction and location. As the internet may not be available in isolated or dense area, so there can be network issues that can be troublesome situation to a traveller.

Overall, a finger posts is a necessary need to every road for the information and accurate directions. Also adding to it, if the finger posts is damaged somehow then that it should be repaired immediately.



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