Fire Door Schedule: What It Is And Why You Need It for Your Building

Srh Hrbn
3 min readMar 23, 2023


A fire door schedule is a document that provides detailed information about the fire doors in a building. This includes the type of door, its location and any relevant information, such as hardware specifications. Fire doors are designed to prevent or slow down the spread of flames and smoke during an emergency, usually by providing protective barriers between one building area and another.

A fire door schedule is essential to ensure that all fire safety measures are properly implemented for your building to be safe from fires. It also ensures that each fire door is correctly installed; this includes checking for damage or missing components, ensuring proper alignment with walls and other structures, and making sure locks operate properly. In addition, it also helps identify areas where additional protection may need to be added for your building to comply with local regulations on fire safety compliance.

Fire door schedules are essential to any building safety plan, as they provide information about the type and number of fire doors in a building. A fire door schedule details the dimensions, installation requirements, construction material, rating and location of all fire doors in a building. This allows emergency personnel to quickly locate and identify the best exits for evacuation in a fire.

Fire door schedules help ensure that buildings meet local codes and standards for safety while providing easy access to safe exits during an emergency.

What is a Fire Door Schedule?

A fire door schedule is a document that outlines the requirements and specifications for any required fire doors in a building. This includes information such as the location, size, type of construction material used and the hardware which must be fitted to ensure they comply with local codes and regulations. Fire door schedules guide architects, builders and contractors on how to install fire doors correctly so they can effectively prevent the spread of smoke or flames throughout a structure during an emergency.

What is the Purpose of a Fire Door in a Building?

A fire door is important to a building’s fire safety system. Fire doors are designed to contain the spread of smoke and flames in the event of a fire, providing protection from heat and smoke inhalation for occupants and helping firefighters access areas more quickly. They also allow for the safe evacuation of people from buildings during emergencies by blocking off some escape routes from becoming engulfed in flames or filled with dangerous levels of smoke.

In addition, they can help slow the spread of fire throughout a building, giving occupants extra time to evacuate safely before it becomes too dangerous.

Where in a Building are Fire-Rated Doors Necessary?

Fire-rated doors are an important component of any building’s fire safety system and should be installed in areas with a known fire risk. Generally speaking, fire-rated doors should be placed at the stairwell entrance, between garages and living spaces or commercial kitchens, between hallways and other areas with combustible materials such as wood panels or furniture, and in garage door openings leading into the home. It’s also important to ensure that all electrical access points have a firewall-rated door to protect against fires caused by faulty wiring.