A Guide to Pawnshops in Melbourne: How They Work, What to Bring, and What to Expect

Srh Hrbn
2 min readApr 5, 2022


Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Pawnshops are a great resource for someone who needs quick cash but doesn’t want to sell their possessions. They’re also an excellent place to haggle for an even better price on an item that you eventually want to get rid of. Most importantly, pawnshops are a safe place to sell unwanted items. In this article, we will discuss the different types of pawnshops, what to expect from each one, and how to find the best pawnbroker in Melbourne.

What is a Pawnshop?

A pawnshop is a business that lends money on things you own. The process is as simple as bringing along the item you want to sell and then selling it to the pawnshop. The pawnshop will loan you the money at a high interest rate. The interest rate can be as much as 20 percent. Find a pawn shop near you with the help of directory. Simply enter your zip code and find each available location in the area!

Types of Pawnshops

There are three main types of pawnshops: conventional, internet, and satellite.

Conventional Pawnshops

Conventional pawnshops are run by private businesses and can be found in almost every town and city in the United States. They are often run as part of a convenience store or gas station. You can often spot a conventional pawnshop by the “gold” or “silver” livery of its logo.

Internet Pawnshops

Also called cyber pawnshops, internet pawnshops are run as online businesses. They are often found on sites like Pawngo or LendUp. These businesses allow customers to create an account and make an online pawn request.

Satellite Pawnshops

Satellite pawnshops are a newer type of pawnshop that has quickly become very popular. They are sometimes also called satellite museums.

What to Expect from a Pawnshop Loan in Melbourne

When you go to a pawnshop, you are likely to be greeted by an employee. They will ask you a few questions about the item you want to pawn and how much you need to borrow. You can expect the employee to give you an estimation of how much you can expect to get back when you redeem the item. They may also ask you for identification and the loan agreement. This information will help them determine the actual worth of the item and the amount of the loan.